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Due to a rare condition, Chris was missing many adult teeth. Dr. Straw used dental implants to restore Chris’ smile, and now he smiles with confidence all the time!

Chris' Story

"Hi, I’m Chris and I’m from Sacramento, and I came to True Oral Surgery to get dental implants. Coming into this practice, I was very impressed with the professionalism and the friendliness of the staff, but most of all, you could really tell that everybody there really cared about you. Dr. Straw is a really great guy, and he made me feel like I was one of his friends. [The] procedures were definitely successful, and the recovery went very well. I was born with a rare condition where I was missing 17 permanent teeth, and the implants made it possible for me to have a full smile. I’m smiling all the time now, and this life-changing experience is all thanks to Dr. Straw and his team."

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