After Your Surgery

Post-Operative Instructions

EXPOSED SITES: If your biopsy site is outside of the mouth, keep it clean and covered. Apply antibiotic ointment to keep the site well lubricated.

ORAL BIOPSIES: Biopsies done inside the mouth may or may not have sutures. Keep the area clean and free of debris by using warm salt water rinses. Avoid citrus and spicy foods that may irritate the biopsy area.

GAUZE: Remove the gauze pack in 30 minutes, provided this was not done in the office.

RINSING: Do not rinse your mouth the day of surgery. After 24 hours, rinse gently with a solution of warm salt water every 4 hours and after every meal. Mix 1 cup of warm water with ½ tsp salt. Continue rinses until your post-op appointment. Salt water rinsing after every meal is essential for wound healing.

PAIN: You may take 3 (200mg) ibuprofen or Motrin® every 6 hours as necessary for pain in addition to your Vicodin® or Norco® as we have instructed. Do not take supplemental Tylenol® with Norco, only ibuprofen/Motrin. Pain medication should always be taken with food. DO NOT TAKE PAIN MEDICATION ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. To coat the stomach, eat soft foods such as a fruit smoothie, yogurt, scrambled eggs, pudding, applesauce, etc.

SWELLING: To reduce ordinary post-operative swelling, apply an ice pack to the face, over the extraction site, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Do this as much as possible for the first 2 days only. The swelling usually peaks on the third day. Do not apply heat within the first 48 hours.

LOCAL ANESTHESIA: The surgical area may be numb for 4-6 hours from the local anesthesia injection.

SMOKING: Absolutely NO smoking for at least 48 hours. Smoking will severely delay healing.

We Are Here To Help

Please contact our office if you have any questions or issues with these instructions.