Impacted tooth exposure in Placerville and El dorado Hills, CA

Exposure of Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth means that it is stuck beneath the gum and cannot erupt into its proper place. The most commonly impacted teeth are wisdom teeth and canine teeth. Wisdom teeth are simply removed because they are not necessary for oral function. Canine teeth, however, are crucial for biting and tearing food, so it’s important that they’re in the proper position.

The maxillary cuspids, or canine teeth, usually come into place around age 13. They are the last of the front teeth to develop and help close the spaces between these teeth. When a canine tooth gets impacted, it is treated with an expose and bond procedure. This is a joint effort between your oral surgeon and orthodontist.

Expose and Bond

The sooner an impacted tooth is treated, the higher the chance for success. Be sure to attend checkups with your general dentist so they can track the development of your teeth. When an impacted tooth is noticed, treatment should begin right away. It’s rare for an impacted canine to naturally erupt into its proper position on its own.

During treatment, Dr. Straw or Dr. Hsu will expose the impacted tooth and attach a gold chain to it, which your orthodontist will attach to braces. Gradually, the tooth is pulled into its proper place. The goal of this treatment is to help the impacted tooth erupt, not extract it.

The success rate of this procedure is very high in younger patients when there is space for the eruption and the tooth has just developed. If an impacted canine tooth is left untreated, it fuses in that position and cannot properly erupt. Adult patients with an impacted tooth can have the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant.

Treat an Impacted Tooth in El Dorado Hills, Placerville, and Irvine, CA

Dr. Straw or Dr. Hsu will design a custom treatment plan based on your needs. Our staff will walk you through every step of your treatment and we want you to have an enjoyable experience while in our care. For treatment of an impacted tooth at any age, please contact our offices in El Dorado Hills, Placerville, or Irvine, CA, to schedule an appointment.

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